Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What to Eat Before a Hockey Practice or Game

For hockey players, what they eat before a game or a practice can have a direct impact on how they fare during it. Of course, just packing in a healthy meal right before a game but eating poorly the rest of the time isn’t helpful. The right pre-game/pre-practice meals and snacks, however, combined with a decent diet the rest of the time can lead to increased energy and stamina when they’re needed most.

Before they’re expected to perform, young hockey players are encouraged to eat carbohydrates, which can provide energy for the muscles to use without causing the player to feel lethargic or weighed down. Some great pre-game or pre-practice snacks that feature good carbohydrates and low fat include:

l  A whole grain bagel lightly spread with peanut butter   
l  A whole grain mufin
l  A piece of fruit
l  Bran cereal or oatmeal
l  Hummus and carrots
l  A fruit drink
l  An energy/protein or cereal bar

When possible, players should eat small meals and snacks throughout the day, not only right before the game or practice. However, larger meals should always be eaten at least two hours before performance time to help players avoid feeling sick and lethargic. Eating right all the time and especially on big days will help players to perform to the very best of their abilities and to feel great doing it!

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