Thursday, September 18, 2014

About Hockey Practice

Practice is important for every hockey player. Everyone, from the most seasoned professional all the way on down to the beginner just starting out, has to practice on a regular basis. There are ways that you can help your child to get more out of his or her practices and to be the very best.

First things first, there’s a tendency among kids (and even some parents) to treat practices as just boring, everyday events and then to treat games very seriously. In truth, though, practices are more important than games. They teach the skills and techniques needed for success at games. As such, instill in your child that practices are very important and encourage them to take them seriously.

There are tons of exercises and activities that can be done off the ice also.  Many shoot pucks in the driveway – Parents beware, a new garage door may be in your near future. Street or floor hockey skills transfer also, no ice is required. Hand – eye coordination as well as quicker feet skills can be picked up without ice.  Be creative!

Pick-up games serve as a good form of practice. It’s also smart to do some practicing without the puck to make sure your child is acing basic techniques and playing positions.

Just remember that old adage, “practice makes perfect” because it’s very true.

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