Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PreGame and PrePractice Stretching

If you go to a professional hockey game, you will likely notice that the players stretch before the game and sometimes even in the middle of it. That’s because stretching helps to alleviate pressure and protects the body from injury and strain. And it’s not just adult hockey players who need to stretch either. No, it’s equally important for your younger hockey pro!

    Sometimes, the coach will lead a “stretching session” before a game or practice. If not, though, it’s important your child stretches, warmed up, and ready to go. While just about any stretch is a good stretch, there are certain areas you definitely don’t want to skip.

For starters, doing lunge stretches to stretch out the hip and the groin area is vital. Sitting down in a cross-legged position and pushing the knees down to the floor is also helpful for stretching out these areas. Simple knee bends with leg extensions help as well. Not doing these stretches can easily lead to sore, pulled muscles after a game or practice.

Bending over and touching the toes is a simple but important stretch too. It will get those hamstrings, which your child will call on as he or she skates, limber and ready to go. It’s also wise to stretch out the stomach and back for good posture and no pain during the game.

Make it a habit to do some good, thorough stretching prior to stepping in the rink. Your child’s body will be stronger and better for it.

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