Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tips for Choosing the right Hockey Camp

If you feel that your little one could use some extra hockey training in the off-season or if you’re worried about him getting rusty, you may be considering a hockey camp. These camps vary greatly in length, cost, and skills focused on, but before you start searching, consider whether or not your child will really benefit from attending hockey camp.

While you may be eager for our child to improve upon or maintain skills learned during the season, talk to your child first. Does he or she seem excited about the prospect of going to hockey camp? If so, then great; sign the kid up! If not, though, you may want to re-think your decision. If your child wants a break from hockey- whether it’s to try a new sport or just to spend time being a kid- you’d do well to grant it. Overloading kids on hockey when they just want a break can sour them on the sport for a good, long time, if not permanently. Remember, it’s okay for kids to take breaks and try new
things, and there’s no better time than the off-season for that to happen.

If you and your child are both on board for hockey camp, then let the search begin! To start with, ask for recommendations from your child’s coach or from other parents. These are usually your best source of information for top camps in the area.

You’ll want to look for a camp that combines various types of training, such as on-ice training, classroom learning, and off-ice training. It’s even better yet if there’s some downtime and just plain fun thrown into the mix. Doing different things and moving from one type of activity to the next keeps kids from getting bored and allows the camp to feel more like fun than like a chore.

Also, make sure the camp is geared toward your child’s skill level and will place him with players at a similar level. Talk with the camp about the skills focused on and then with your child’s coach about whether or not these skills would help your child in the coming season.

It can take a little research and planning to find the perfect camp, but a devoted search will pay off for you and your little one in the long run.

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