Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Stay Warm at the Rink

Being the parent of a hockey player gets a little more challenging in the summer months. You want to be comfortable outdoors, so you wear shorts and flip-flops. But, the second you step into the rink, you’re faced with “the big chill.” Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to be comfortable both outdoors and at the rink.

Bring Along Easy Layers

Sitting in the stands in thin summer clothing is not going to be a comfortable experience, but neither is stepping outdoors in heavy winter clothing. That’s why you really have to find a nice compromise between winter and summer attire, and layering is the perfect answer. Whenever you go to the rink, bring along layers that can easily be put on or removed, such as pullover sweaters, hats, and scarfs. This will allow you to control your comfort level and to go from warmly dressed to summer style in just a few seconds.   

Sip Something Warm

The local rink probably has a concessions stand. Hit it up before you sit down. Sitting and sipping hot chocolate or a nice mug of warm tea or coffee can really heat things up- literally. Hot drinks are enjoyable, but they will also keep your hands and your body nice and toasty. If your rink doesn’t sell hot drinks, bring along a heat-retaining thermos, filled to the brim with your favorite beverage.

Bring a Blanket

If you’re someone who really gets chilly at the local rink, bring a blanket! You might feel a little awkward about sitting in the stands with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders, but trust that people do it all the time! In fact, if you look around, you’ll probably notice a couple of other people wrapped in blankets. There are even specially made stadium blankets designed for this purpose! In fact, you may want to get one of your own since these blankets usually come with a convenient, portable case and can even be customized with hockey designs.

As you can see, it is possible to stay warm at the rink without frying once you step outside. It just takes a little planning ahead!

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