Monday, August 17, 2015

You Can't Complain Unless You are Willing to be Part of the Solution

Be honest. Are you one of those people who complains about things related to your child’s sport experience? Do you often vocalize that the coach could do a better job? Or, do you sometimes get mad when the volunteers provide a less-than-healthy snack for the kids?   

If you are guilty of complaining from time to time- and most of us are- why not change your mindset? Instead of just merely complaining or talking poorly about what others are doing, why not get involved and help to bring about the changes you would like to see...the very ones you’re so busy complaining about?

If you’re frustrated by the lack of quality equipment for the kids, for example, why not take the energy you would have used complaining and put it toward starting a fundraiser for new equipment? The bottom line is that if there’s something that you find worthy of complaining about, it’s also something that’s worthy of working to fix.

Even if you’re not a complainer (and kudos to you!), you can still get involved and do something to help better the team. Here are a few things you can do to make a difference to your child’s hockey team:

l  Sign up to bring snacks for the team
l  Give other players rides to and from practices and games, or, better yet, organize a carpool!
l  Volunteer to be a stats recorder
l  Volunteer to run the scoreboard
l  Volunteer to work the penalty box
l  Organize celebrations and other fun events for the team
l  Volunteer at the concession stand
l  Volunteer as a coach or assistant coach
l  Simply ask what you can do to help!

Remember, getting out there and volunteering is always, always going to accomplish more than just sitting around and complaining. Get active and be helpful, and everyone will benefit.

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