Monday, October 26, 2015

A Bold New Illinois Hockey Rule

The Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI) has instituted a controversial new rule, known as the New Parent Spectator/Suspension Rule.

The rule, which has angered quite a few parents, coaches, and referees, dictates that parents who display “inappropriate or disruptive behavior” can be ejected from the viewing area by their child’s coach. As if that wasn’t bad enough, time lost due to such incidents will not be replaced, and parents who have been made to leave will be banned from at least three future games and face possible further disciplinary action.

While there are a few people who think the new rule is necessary and helpful, many have called it “micro-managing.” At the very least, most take offense to the fact that their kids could be punished for someone else’s bad choices and actions.   

The AHAI says that it instituted the rule because of a recent “increase” in “out of control behavior,” but many parents argue it’s not that bad behavior has increased, it’s just that we now hear more about it thanks to social media.

Either way, this rule, which is so far only effective in Illinois, has angered many citizens, and made many more bite their tongues in the stands. There are also whispers and rumors of the rule being instituted in other states and other hockey associations, but only time will tell. Even if this isn’t a rule you like, however, and even if it doesn’t apply to you, you have to admit, it’s worth following. Parents really shouldn’t be acting crazy, yelling, or getting into fights in front of their children anyway!

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