Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Multi Sport Participation Leads to Cross Training

You probably know that many of today’s top athletes are true definitions of the word athleticism, and many of them are multi-sport athletes. Serious athletes aim to possess speed, agility, and strength all wrapped up in one package. The best way for them to build these qualities is through participating in practices and training that combine all three of these skills and continually work on them equally; it’s not enough to have just one or even two. It’s only when these three skills come together that a truly skilled athlete is born.   

In addition to specially designed practices and training, young athletes are encouraged to play a range of other dynamic sports. Not only will this be fun for them, but it will also help to prevent burnout and, most importantly of all, help in fostering these skills. Good dynamic sports for young hockey players to try include:

l  Tennis
l  Basketball
l  Soccer
l  Lacrosse
l  Football

Young players who follow multi-sport athletes lead will also find that they have better motor skills, which will help in stick handling, and improved reactivity, according to studies. The promise of these skills should be enough to encourage any young athlete to play multiple sports. 

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