Monday, February 29, 2016

How to Cope with an Injury

If you’re an athlete who takes your sport seriously, there’s a good chance that getting injured is one of your worst fears. For any athlete, an injury can be scary and can cause him to have to sit out for an entire season or longer. If the worst has already happened and you are dealing with an injury, however, don’t give up hope or wallow in despair. We’ve got some great tips to help you make it through this rough spot and eventually get back on your feet and in the game!

Feeling is Healing   

To begin with, it’s very common for athletes who’ve been injured to bury their feelings down deep inside. They might say they feel “just fine,” when really, they’re reeling with emotional pain, anger, and disappointment. If you’re feeling this way after your injury, know that it’s normal and okay. And don’t shove your feelings down either. Talk to someone, like a coach or counselor, about how you’re feeling. You’ll feel a lot better if you work through your emotions and allow yourself to actually feel them, instead of shoving them down inside.

Set Realistic, Reachable Goals

After an injury, your focus may be on getting back in the game as soon as possible. Unfortunately, though, that’s not always an easy thing to do; sometimes, it’s not even possible. Furthermore, getting back in the game too soon could worsen your injury and keep you from playing for even longer, maybe even for good. Make getting better your main priority, and set small, realistic goals that you can actually reach without harming yourself. The goal might be as simple as keeping up with conditioning practice if you’re able or making it through physical therapy. It doesn’t really matter what your goals are; setting them and working toward something will make you feel better and will get you back to playing the sport you love sooner and in good health!

Stay Positive

It’s also important to remember to stay positive, no matter what! Maintaining a positive attitude when you’ve been injured isn’t easy, but if you can keep a smile on your face and believe that things will get better, you’ll find the healing process much easier to endure. Imagine yourself healing fully and doing what you love again and think of how that day will eventually be here whenever you’re feeling down. It will make all the difference in the world.

Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Finally and most importantly, make sure you follow all of your doctor’s recommendations and instructions for healing. If your doctor tells you not to do something, don’t do it! Sitting out can be tough, and doing everything the doctor says can also be tough, but in the end, it is what is going to get you through this and back in action as soon as is safely possible.

Following these tips and remembering that your injury is only temporarily will make life much better, even during this difficult time.

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