Friday, February 5, 2016

The Top Reasons to Love Ice Hockey

Hockey is a much-loved and celebrated sport in many parts of the country. It provides countless opportunities for growth, friendship, and fun for kids of all ages and from all over the world. But, what exactly, is the appeal of hockey?

Maybe, for you, it’s the fact that it can be played no matter what the weather is like outside, or maybe it’s the excitement of power plays and skates slicing over ice. Really, there are a multitude of reasons to love hockey, and if you ask any person why he loves it, you’ll likely get a different answer each time. However, we’ve compiled our top reasons to love hockey here, and we hope you’ll share some of your own!   

Reason #1: It’s Unique

Most sports share similarities, and while hockey isn’t completely unique, it is probably one of the most unique sports out there. What other sports get played on ice? What other sports are so fast-paced and riveting? Hockey isn’t as bland as your average basketball or baseball game; it’s exciting in every second, and that’s a pretty good reason to love it!

Reason #2: Fanatic Fans

In any sport, you’ll find truly devoted fans, but there are few fans quite as devoted as hockey fans. These are the ones who scream from the stands, who stomp their feet and yell when a play doesn’t go as planned, and who wear their team’s garb year round. While the fans can sometimes be a bit too much, there’s no denying that the excitement and passion for the game is definitely there, making this sport super enthralling.

Reason #3: That Horn Sound

Yet another thing that makes hockey special and exciting is the fact that each goal is commemorated with the loud, exciting sound of a horn. That noise has the power to inspire excitement in the hearts of fans in the stand, and it really is just the icing on the cake after a great goal.

Reason #4: Online Presence

A hockey game is never truly over just because the last goal has happened. No, hockey enjoys a fruitful life on the web. After any game, no matter how major or minor, you can find people making all kids of tweets, posts, and blogs. You can read about any one game  for days after it’s happened on the internet, and while not everything you’ll read is positive, it definitely makes for continued fun and for interesting reading!

Reason #5: The Snacks

We decided to end our lists of one of the most fun things about a hockey game, and that’s the delicious wintertime snacks served up at games. While every rink is different, you’ll find hot chocolate, warm cider, and steaming popcorn at most, and there’s really nothing like warming your mouth on a cozy treat while watching your favorite players go at it.

So, there you have it - a few of our favorite things about hockey. What are yours?

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