Friday, September 16, 2016

Goalie Goals

Deutsch: Darstellung der holes bei einem Eisho...
Hockey has changed somewhat in recent years, at least in terms of what is expected of players in various positions. One of the major changes involves goalies. While goalies of the past really had only one job: to stop the puck and keep the other team from scoring, today’s goalies actually need to know how to play the puck and are expected to step away from the net from time to time. If you want things to go well when your team’s goalie tries his hand at playing the new way, you’ll want to keep some tips in mind.  

First of all, make sure you work with your goalie on some of the more basic skills he will need to know in order to be a success on the ice! Most goalies, for example, will need some training in basic passing skills, and shooting drills can be helpful too. Goalies also need to get used to doing all of this in their large pads and gear so that it won’t feel foreign to them during an actual game.

Another thing to work on with youth hockey goalies is puck control and also making crisp shots, long passes, and having a stellar aim. For goalies who are used to staying in place, learning these new skills can be a challenge, so be patient with your goalie and don’t expect him to learn everything all at once.

Once your goalie does learn these skills, however, and gets more involved in the game, he’ll likely find that he feels much more valuable to the team and that he enjoys playing even more than before. After all, it’s always fun to feel like you’re truly a part of things, and finally, goalies are getting to experience that feeling!

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