Monday, October 10, 2016

Pulling the Goalie: What You Need to Know

Pulling the goalie is a strategy that people love to see put into play...but one that many youth hockey coaches are scared to try. This strategy, which brings on an extra forward but leaves the net empty, is risky, but it is also exciting and, when done correctly, can actually work in your team’s favor.

First of all, never resort to the pulling the goalie strategy until late in the game. Ideally, when you try this strategy, you should be trailing the other team and willing to try something different to give yourself a shot at winning. Just remember that, when you try this strategy, always make sure the puck is at the far end of the ice. Otherwise, you’re just setting your team up for failure.

You’ll also set your team up for failure if you try this strategy in a game without having practiced it, preferably several times over, first. Do it during hockey drills and act as though its a power play for best results.

If you can follow these simple tips and are brave enough to give pulling the goalie a try, you might just have fantastic results. Either way, when you’re trailing and nothing is working, trying something different is better than not trying anything at all. Plus, it will certainly liven things up!

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