Friday, December 22, 2017

The Power of Video Analysis

Video analysis has long been thought of as a powerful tool for improving athletic performance. And, in today’s highly advanced technological world, recording and analyzing video is easier than ever before, which is more hockey coaches are turning to this technology than ever before. 

Using video to help youth hockey players is fairly simple. Pausing the video, for example, when a player takes a poor stance or is demonstrating bad alignment and then pointing out what is wrong can provide a wonderful, highly visual way for players to improve in this area.  

In addition to this kind of detailed, one-on-one coaching with the aid of video, coaches can easily go over videos of entire games, pausing along the way to talk about mistakes that were made, other possible choices and their outcomes, and other information that can help players to make better decisions in the future.

While video analysis can be helpful for all kinds of different players, it is especially effective for those who are visual learners. Some people just don’t learn well by hearing orders barked at them. Instead, they learn by seeing. If they can simply see what they need to do and what they’re not doing correctly, the learning possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to invest in expensive video equipment either. While nice equipment is certainly a great thing to have, there are many apps that help with video analysis, and your cell phone or tablet can always serve as a makeshift way to record video.

No matter how you do it or how extensively, the fact remains that videoanalysis can be a useful tool when it comes to coaching today’s young hockey players, so it is certainly worth trying out.

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