Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Centers: An Important Role in Defensive Zone Coverage

Most people think of centers in ice hockey as offensive playmakers. And, while it is certainly true that they perform this role, it is also important to understand that these players are also vital in playing defense.   


One of the first things to keep in mind is that centers are actually very vital when it comes to providing support for defensemen.

They actually have to play both sides of the ice all at once, which makes this role quite important and demanding.

Proper Passing

Another thing that centers are responsible for is maintaining the appropriate position at all times, often known as the containment position.

They have to know when to not pass the opposing player (which is most of the time), as well as when to seize that perfect moment to do so.

This- knowing that right moment- is a very important job of any good hockey center.

Forward Guarding

One final job of a center is to never let a forward walk out…or at least whenever possible.

This means that centers, in addition to all of their other jobs and tasks, have to constantly have their eyes on the forward.

As you can see, center is a very important position.

So, if you have a young player who is not feeling great about this “calling,” or if you have someone who is not fully understanding it, you can easily explain how very important it is and why.

In short, there would be no hockey without centers, and every center needs to know that, as well as what his or her responsibilities are.

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