Friday, August 3, 2018

Off Season Training Tips for Youth Hockey Players

The offseason for youth hockey is approached differently by everyone.  

Some kids can’t wait to take a break from the sport. Others dread it and sign up for hockey clinics and camps.

No matter which category your child falls into, it’s important not to let him get rusty during the offseason. Young players need to focus at least some time on keeping up their fitness levels and improving in their game and hockey skills.

It’s okay to take some “down time.” In fact, it’s even encouraged. However, make sure your child also gets some real work done.

Engage in Strength Training

One thing that can be very helpful for your youth hockey player is to engage in regular strength training exercises.

Lifting weights, even small ones, and trying to equally work every muscle in the body can really help kids once the season starts. The focus shouldn’t be on getting bigger or “bulking up,” but on building overall strength.

Your child can do weightlifting exercises at home, or you can spring for a personal trainer at the local gym if you’d like a little guidance on how to do it properly.

Try Interval Training

Another good way for young hockey players to get in some much-needed offseason exercise is to try interval training.

With interval training, you do a few minutes of high intensity exercise, followed by a short period of “resting” exercise.

For example, you might do jumping jacks for two minutes straight and then walk calmly for one minute before you repeat. Or, you might jog for three minutes and then stretch for one minute and repeat.

This is a fun way to build endurance and stamina and to stay in good shape during the offseason. You can even make this a family exercise and encourage everyone to get involved.

These are two simple ways to help your child improve and stay fit during the offseason. Take time for fun and relaxation, but also make sure your child is preparing for the season to come.

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