Monday, September 10, 2018

Why Fun Matters

Why Fun Matters

A lot of hockey parents roll their eyes at the mention of the word “fun.” To them, it means concentrating on what’s NOT important about the sport.   

Parents who could care less about fun tend to care more about skill, performance, and, above all else, winning. And, while these things are certainly important, are they really more important, at their core, than having fun?

The major answer to this question is a big no. That’s because fun isn’t just FUN. It’s about a whole lot more.

One thing to understand, to start, is that having fun doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a lack of hard work. Contrary to popular belief, young players SHOULD have fun while they practice or play their sportof choice. In fact, studies show that they actually benefit more and learn more when they have a good time in the process.

Something else to remember is that, for some players, hockey is just about fun, and that’s okay. Sure, some players might take it more seriously than others and have more talent than others, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s experience has to be so serious. Be respectful of the players who are just having fun. And, if your child is one of the more serious ones, allow for some fun along the way.

Finally, keep in mind that, if you want your child to become a serious hockey player, make some room for fun along the way. Kids who aren’t having fun and who feel forced into a sport are a lot more likely to reach burnout levels and give up on sports entirely than kids who are having a good time.

Fun may seem silly to you, especially if you have dreams of your kid being the next Wayne Gretzky. With that said, though, fun is actually more important than you might think, so ensure that your child athlete has plenty of it.

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