Monday, November 19, 2018

Local Hockey Rink Happenings

Young athletes who are serious about hockey are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity at their disposal for learning and improving their skills. One of the best opportunities is to take part in local hockey clinics.

Clinics are offered all over the country at various times and places. Sometimes, they are free. Sometimes, there is a small fee. Clinics are often led by well-renowned hockey players and others with gifts for and knowledge of the ice.

Some clinics cover specific topics or problems while others are more generalized. No matter what the clinic, however, if you can get your young player there, it’s probably a good idea.

With most clinics, players will get in some ice time, some hands-on practice and coaching, and, best of all, will work on building skills and confidence.

Because clinics offer so much, they are always a smart investment.   

Finding Clinics

To find clinics in your area, check in with all nearby rinks. They will often have information on the latest clinics and other hockey-related events coming up. You can stop in the rinks, send an email to the skating director, or just give different rinks a call.

Coaches are another good resource for finding out about clinics. Your child’s coach should be “in the know” about these types of opportunities, but asking other coaches is a good way to learn about every single option for learning.

Make it a Team Event

One final thing you can do is to try and get the whole team involved in different clinics. Some clinics will even offer full team registration, often at a discounted price.

While it’s fine for your young player to go to a clinic on his own, it’s a lot more fun and a lot more useful and beneficial if everyone gets involved.

Solo or as a team, however, one thing is for sure: clinics are an amazing learning opportunity for hockey players of all ages.

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