Friday, January 4, 2019

How to be a Supportive Hockey Parent

If you have a child who plays hockey, you are undoubtedly very proud of him. However, sometimes, parents don’t show that pride and support in the best ways, or they don’t show it at all, even though they feel it.   

Fortunately, though, by making a little extra effort, hockey parents can support their children in the right, healthy ways. This type of support will build and encourage a child, strengthening him in all the right ways..

Remember Your Role

One mistake that even the most well-intentioned parents sometimes make is acting like their children’s coaches.

Remember, your child already has a coach, and it’s the coach’s job to give sports feedback and guidance.

As a parent, you shouldn’t really be critiquing your child’s technique or offering much playing advice. Instead, you should focus on what your child really wants from you: empathy, encouragement, support, and a listening ear.

Teach Your Child That It’s Okay to Lose

All too often, parents get so excited and amped up about winning that they inadvertently teach their children it’s the most important thing.

Without meaning to, this type of attitude puts a lot of pressure and stress on your child’s shoulders, which can suck the fun and joy out of the sport.

As a parent, make sure your child knows it’s okay to lose and that winning isn’t the most important thing. Celebrate every goal and milestone just as much as you celebrate a win. That way, your child will get the message loud and clear that what matters is continual self-improvement and a winning attitude, not a winning score.

If you can keep these tips in mind and do your best to love and support your child without putting pressure on him or her, your child should have a healthy relationship with hockey, with you, and, most importantly of all, with himself.

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