Friday, February 15, 2019

About the ADM

Ten years ago, USA Hockey came out with what it calls the “American Development Model.” Since the development of this model, hockey has grown in the number of participants and had great success as a sport in general. Despite that fact, however, all people still don’t fully understand or trust the ADM. It’s time to put an end to that, however, by fully explaining and clarifying the truth about the ADM.   

Why Was ADM Created?
First of all, you should understand that, contrary to popular belief, the ADM was not created to change the sport as a whole.

Instead, it wanted to change how the sport was taught and to make the teaching of it more age appropriate and more effective. The sport tries to take into consideration the principles of education and what children need to learn and grow. This is all done in an effort to teach it as properly and safely as possible, not to redesign the sport entirely as some people think.

The ADM Works for All Ages
Many people think the ADM only works for mites or very young and inexperienced players. However, that’s not true.

With lots of research backing it, this plan is designed to work for small children all the way up to skilled adults. In this way, the ADM is for everyone and should be used accordingly.

The ADM is Supportive of Games
Because the ADM doesn’t focus heavily on games and game scenarios, a lot of people think it is anti-game. However, that’s not the case at all.

The ADM wants to ensure that all the focus isn’t on games, but it is not against them. Instead, it just wants to put them into perspective and ensure that players are developing good skills that will make them well-rounded players and athletes in every possible way.

The ADM is designed to benefit players and to create a supportive sports culture. It’s time to stop the misunderstanding and to start appreciating the development for what it is and the values it instills.

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