Monday, February 25, 2019

Qualities Every Youth Hockey Coach Should Have

When it comes to youth hockey, everyone wants their child to have a wonderful coach. However, everyone does not know what makes an awesome coach.

While every coach is different and while different athletes will have their own preferences, there are some key characteristics that every truly great coach must have.   

True Caring

The difference between a good coach and a great coach is this: a good coach cares about the team. A great coach, on the other hand, cares about both the team and the players, not just as athletes but as individuals.

A great coach will do his best to tailor his coaching style to match the specific needs of each individual player. This type of coach will strike up a special camaraderie with each player and will focus on building each and every player as an athlete and as a person.

Excellent Communication Skills

In today’s world, where everyone seems to always have their heads buried in their phones, communication is becoming a lost art. Good coaches, however, have not lost touch with how to communicate.

They will communicate criticism constructively, make their rules sound firm, and will know when to use what tone with which player and in each situation. Coaches should also be skilled at communicating with parents, officials, and everyone else involved in the game.

The Ability to Model Appropriate Behavior

One final quality of every great coach is the ability to be a great role model.

Coaches shouldn’t have to be perfect all the time, but they should always model high standards of behavior and treatment of others in everything they do. They are timely, professional, fair, and kind, and they always remember that their actions can impact the easily influenced minds of their young players.

If your children have a great coach who exhibits all of these qualities, give him a big thank you. And, if their coach falls short, it may be time to look at other coaching options. After all, every child deserves an amazing coach in his life.

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