Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Yoga for Young Athletes

When you think of yoga, you probably think of girls in leggings striking poses and burning candles, right?

Well, while it’s true that a yoga session can look like that, it’s also true that yoga is good for everyone. This includes youngathletes. In fact, there is quite a lot they can gain from practicing this art.   

Incredible Endurance

To begin with, one thing that yoga can really help with is improving endurance.

Yoga requires participants to move and hold poses for an extended period of time.It also asks participants to shut out and let go of negative thoughts and to focus on their breathing. In this way, it can improve both physical endurance and mental endurance. These things are good for a young athlete’s overall health and wellbeing. Plus, they translate to increased focus and the ability to sustain intensity on the ice.

Super Strength

It turns out that lifting weights isn’t the only way to increase strength. Yoga, surprisingly, can also build strength quickly.

Even though it may not seem very intense, it effectively works every muscle and part of the body, often simultaneously. Muscle power and strength are built gradually and naturally, along with flexibility, with regular yoga practice.

Faster Recovery Time

One of the best things about yoga for athletes is that it can help to speed up recovery time. Regular practice helps to improve circulation, which can enable the muscles and other parts of the body to repair themselves more rapidly. Thus, strains and sprains become less severe and heal quicker for athletes who practice yoga.

In all of these ways, yoga can be very beneficial for hockey players. So, stop thinking it’s “just for girls.” Everyone, athletes especially, is encouraged to give yoga a try.

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