Friday, August 2, 2019

Simple Tips to Help Young Hockey Players Improve

There are two types of youth hockey players. There are those who play for fun and are just having a good time. Then, you have those who want to be the absolute best they can be, who may even have dreams and aspirations of going pro.

There’s nothing wrong with falling into either category. However, for those in the second group, there are many things that can be done to positively improve oneself as a youth player and beyond.

Build Strength and Speed

Often, with young hockey players, real training and off-ice exercise gets overlooked. However, it’s important for serious young players.

Hockey demands strength and speed to be effective. And, neither of these is possible without a strong, muscular body that holds power. For this reason, regular strength training, both on and off the ice, is highly recommended, even for very young players.

A good coach or personal trainer can easily develop a regimen that is healthful and helpful for kids and teens who play the sport.

Focus on Correct Execution

Whether it’s in strength training, performing drills, or anything else, athletes often get caught up on the number of repetitions they can do. Coaches sometimes fall into this trap as well.

However, instead of yelling at players to do twenty push-ups quickly, they should ask them to do ten fully and correctly concentrating on execution. Every move, in training and in the sport itself, should be executed as well and as correctly as possible for players to truly grow and improve.

For this reason, take the focus off “how much” or “how many” and redirect it toward proper form and technique. This simple change will make a world of difference and will lead to speedier improvement all around.

If young players and their coaches and supporters can keep these useful tips in mind, they should rapidly improve in the sport and get that much closer to reaching their goals.

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