Friday, March 17, 2017

How to be a Star Youth Hockey Player

If you’re like many parents, you want your child to stand out and be the best youth hockey player and all around best person he can be. To make this happen, talk regularly with your child about what makes someone a good leader and a true “star player.”

The two of you may even want to take a look at some hockey players who are worth admiring and talk about the good qualities, such as hard work, that these players exhibit. As you and your child share these conversations, be sure to hit on these “star player skills” that every young player should know.

Be Yourself

It may sound simple, but it’s true. Real “hockey stars” aren’t just imitations of others. Sure, they might look up to and admire others, but they are still true to themselves, to their own values, and to their own morals.

Make sure to explain this to your child, especially when you talk about good hockey role models. Discuss how your child can look up to these people and to others, but that he still needs, at the end of the day, to stay true to himself and to forge his own path in life.   

Be a Good Example

You also want to teach your young hockey player that being a star means setting a good example for others. Tell your child to always give his personal best, even at things like small practices…and even when other players may be slacking off.

When you challenge your child to be his best, he’ll likely end up pleasantly surprising you!

Be Teachable

Finally, discuss with your child the importance of being teachable. The best hockey players are those who can take direction from others, who can learn from their mistakes, and who aren’t so overly sure of themselves that they can’t be taught anything new.

If you can teach these lessons to your child, you can instill values into him that will make him not just a star hockey player but a star person as well.

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