Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting Prepared for Tryouts

The beginning of each hockey season is exciting, and it all starts with tryouts. Regardless of the skill level or age, the best thing about hockey is there is always a place to play. From in-house teams to AAA and beyond, there are things one can do to prepare for tryouts.   

First things first, make sure you are prepared physically and mentally. Don’t stress, do your best and have fun while doing so. You may be (or be the parent of) an incredibly skilled player, but even those that have made it to the “show” realize there is always room for improvement.  Always be willing to constantly learn and grow with your sport. You have to be willing to constantly learn and grow. Focus on giving your best during tryouts. If possible, ask for feedback and ways you can improve during the upcoming season.

Many times, the best hockey players are also the best athletes.  Other sports such as lacrosse and soccer provide excellent cross training opportunities. While hockey may be a passion, remember that being active in other sports and working out provide a great way to stay in shape, especially during the off season.  While getting back to the ice before tryouts is recommended, if you have been active, it won’t take but a minute to get “back in the groove”.  

During tryouts, don’t be selfish. Remember, hockey is a team sport, and coaches are looking for the players who want to be part of a team. The best players are the ones who bring out the best in the people surrounding them. 

Hopefully you have good nutritional habits and get plenty of sleep.

The Hockey Tournament Staff at Big Bear wishes all the best of luck during their upcoming tryouts.

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