Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is the Cost of Youth Hockey Equipment Too Expensive?

Some say the costs involved with hockey are too high.  With our state of economy, it may just be, however, the rewards are high also.

Walk in to a rink, any rink from Alaska to Florida and Maine to California and you will find youth carrying duffel bags and sticks, and usually a great big smile.  Part of being a hockey player is learning to carry your gear at an early age. Part of being a hockey parent is learning that this gear doesn’t come cheap, unless you are a smart, savvy shopper, own a pro shop or have very deep pockets.   

The cost of the duffel bag itself isn’t what hurts the wallet, however, collectively, when adding the skates, helmets, shin pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, tape, hockey pants, jerseys and socks….the price tag gets a little hefty.  Learn to use the internet, and if your skater isn’t addicted to the “latest and greatest” of the enormous efforts of the advertising departments of the various competing hockey equipment manufacturers, and a bit of luck, you can actually save a bunch. Just remember to tell your skater, it’s not necessarily the brand name of the tools, it’s the person behind the tools.  One area where it’s best to get the “best of the best” and there should be no glancing at the price tag is the helmet.  Do your homework, ask and research, and find out which helmet truly offers the best coverage.

Each and every time your skater puts on that equipment, and the stinky smell that accompanies it, comes rewards.  The reward that he or she is learning the value of being part of a team, and the responsibility that accompanies it.  Too many of today’s youth are enamored with video games, computers and all the electronic gadgetry.  We are of the opinion that sport participation provides the best escape from the trappings of the world of technology.  We hope you agree.

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