Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Hockey Players Fuel

Athletes, especially young athletes, demand a lot from their bodies. As such, they need to treat them well, and that includes eating the right balance of healthy foods. While every single meal a hockey player eats is important, the pre-game meal is particularly important since it will provide the fuel needed to excel on the ice.

The ideal pre-game meal will include some kind of protein, whole grains, fruit, and water. Ideally, the meal should be eaten between one and two hours before the game. Some ideas for protein include:
l  Trail mix
l  Shrimp
l  Lean chicken breast
l  Lean meat
l  Beans

Good whole grain choices include:    

l  Whole grain bagels
l  Whole grain English muffins
l  Whole grain pasta

Players will find that when they eat the right combination of foods prior to a game, they’ll experience many benefits, such as:

l  Better mental focus
l  Improved coordination
l  Faster reaction times

All of these benefits improve a player’s chances of playing well, thus increasing the team’s chances of winning. Obviously, then, eating well benefits the entire team, not just the individual player, making it worthwhile for everyone.

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