Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Got a Hockey Goalie in the Family?

If your child has chosen to play goalie on a hockeyteam, then it is important that you make sure he has all the right equipment. The wrong equipment can not only keep your child from playing at his best, but it could also increase his risk of getting injured, which is the last thing you want. Below, you’ll find some common mistakes people make when buying goalie gear, mistakes you should avoid at all costs.  

Mistake #1: Buying Too-Large Leg Pads

It is important that your child’s leg pads fit snugly but not too snugly; they most definitely should not be too big either. Too-large leg pads are going to cause a lot of problems for your young player, including reduced speed and impaired agility, which can make it hard to play well and to properly master important goalie skills, so make sure your child’s leg pads are sized just right.

Mistake #2: Not Having Protective Gear

Being a goalie is a lot of fun, but it’s also one of the more dangerous positions, one in which your child is likely to take a hit from time to time. To help keep your child protected while he’s playing goalie, be sure and invest in some good protective gear. Things your child will definitely need include knee guards, leg pads, a chest protector, an arm protector, and a goalie jock. Without each of these crucial pieces of goalie equipment, your child runs the risk of getting hurt badly.

Mistake #3: A Too-Big Catch Glove

Bigger is not always better, and that is certainly true when it comes to your child’s catch glove. The glove you choose should fit snugly on your child’s hand and does not need to have a large surface area. In fact, too much surface area will cause your child to be forced to use the wrong muscles- the larger shoulder muscles- to control the glove when he should be using the smaller muscles in the forearm. A glove that is too big is thus going to make for a sloppy player with poor technique who lacks control, so definitely get the right size glove for your little goalie.

Mistake #4: A Too-Tall Stick Paddle

Finally, when choosing a stick paddle for your child, remember that the stick will block the 5-hole with your child in a butterfly position,so if the stick is too tall, it’s not going to work well. You can actually try this out in the store by having your child hold the stick and assume the position; that’s the smartest way to ensure you get the right size. Having the right size will make a very positive difference in your young player’s speed and agility, so take the time to choose the perfect paddle.

As you can see, having the right equipment in the right sizes is essential for young goalies, so choose your goalie’s gear with care for best results.

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