Friday, December 23, 2016

Will Your Child Go Pro?

If you’re like most parents, then you probably dream, albeit secretly, of your kid one day making it big in sports. Most parents, after all, would love to see their little ones become sport stars, and, if your child shows a particular penchant for sports, then this dream may not seem (or even be!) all that far off.   

However, it’s always smart to check your dreams, at least a little. First things first, make sure they’re not just YOUR dreams. No matter how good at sports your kid is, if he or she doesn’t want to have success and doesn’t love the sport, then you won’t be doing your child any favors and, in fact, can turn your child off sports by putting too much pressure on him or her.

If, though, both you and your child love the sport equally, then the next step is to make sure your child has both the physical abilities necessary, or at least is growing them,and the mental capacity to handle the high demands and pressure of playing sports professionally.

Other qualities necessary for making it big include:

l  Being truly passionate about the sport of choice
l  Being able to handle losses
l  Having a strong competitive drive
l  Being willing to work hard and not give up, despite obstacles

If your child has these qualities, then you just might have a star in the making, if both skill and opportunity align, of course. And, even if your child doesn’t have these qualities just yet, if he’s willing to work on them and to develop them, you still could have a budding star on your hands.

The bottom line is that “making it” in sports is difficult, but if you’ve got a child with potential and you’re willing to encourage that child, then anything truly is possible!

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