Friday, April 14, 2017

Try the F1 Forecheck Game

Are you looking for a way to better teach your forecheck scheme? If so, then there is a really easy game, the F1 Forecheck Game, that you need to try with your players. It will not only help with this matter but also with applying offensive zone pressure, stealing the puck, and more.   

To play this game, the drill structure needs to be 3v3 cross-ice with two nets. The zone should be divided in half by creating a center line from the end boards to the blue line. Once that is done, then the following rules need to be adhered to:

First of all, whenever the defensive team gets possession of the puck, it should skate the puck behind its net and then break out and attack the offensive zone. Then, when the offensive teams loses the puck, it should send one player, F1, on the puck for aggressive forechecking.

The forechecking team should be rewarded with immediate net attacking if it is able to regain the puck before the breakout team reaches the center line.

Players should have a lot of fun with this skill-building game and they should also learn:

l  Proper angles
l  Appropriate speed
l  Proper stick positioning
l  Forechecking skills
l  Angling skills
l  Puck stealing skills
l  Read and react skills
l  Breakouts
l  Puck support
l  Goal scoring

As you can see, this very beneficial activity is extremely helpful to young players, so give it a try at your next practice!

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