Monday, November 6, 2017

Creating Confidence in Youth Hockey Players

As a coach, parent, or anyone else involved in the life of a young hockey player, you should understand that it is your job to support and help these young players, to encourage them, and to help them grow in confidence.  

While this might seem like an easy task or something you’d just naturally do, that’s not always the case, unfortunately. Sadly, a great many parents and coaches put their own needs and wants first and selfishly focus on themselves and what they want instead of on what’s best for their children. If you are someone who is a little too focused on winning or who maybe puts too much pressure on your young player, it’s time to do a little self-evaluation and make some changes.  

And outside of just your attitude and what you say, there are also some things you can encourage your athlete to do that will help build confidence. For example, a major way to help kids grow in confidence is to help them grow in strength…literally. Have them go to the gym regularly, work out with coaches, and just focus on getting stronger and better. As they make progress in these areas, they are bound to make progress in terms of their confidence; the two things just go hand in hand.

Another important thing you can do is to strive to be encouraging no matter what. Even when a player makes a mistake or has a bad day, find a way to say a positive, encouraging comment. If you believe in the young player in your life, it won’t be long before that player will start to believe in himself.

Building confidence may not always be easy, but it definitely is possible. If you can follow these helpful tips, you will probably be surprised at just how much your child grows in terms of confidence and self-belief.

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