Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lessons Learned

Hockey is truly an amazing sport. Not only is it fun to play for people of all ages, but it is also a sport that really “gives back” in terms of the lessons it teaches players.   

If you are thinking of starting your child in youth hockey but are wondering what it has to offer, the answer is “plenty!” Read on to learn about the many great lessons hockey teaches.


Everyone knows that hockey is played on the ice. A lot of people, though, don’t fully understand all that playing on the ice entails.

Ice is not an even, non-slip surface like you’ll find in basketball or tennis. Instead, it’s slippery and hard, which makes falling on it not a fun experience.

However, with nothing but a sheet of ice under their feet, players get very good at balancing themselves, which results in strong core muscles and straight posture. And, in addition to balance, players become better skaters, which also improves balance and leads to superior coordination. If these are qualities you’d like your child to possess, hockey is a great place to get them.

Overcoming Challenges

Hockey may look like a fun and simple game, but it actually has some complex rules that are effective at teaching young players how to overcome any challenge that gets thrown their way.

For example, one team gets to play with a “man advantage” for several minutes at a time, leaving the other team short a player. This means that the short-handed team has to find creative ways to pick up the slack, which often involves strategic planning and working together.

If you want your child to be someone who can tackle any problem and ask for help when he needs it, hockey is the way to go!

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