Monday, March 19, 2018

Hockey Training Secrets You Need to Know

People are always asking about the “secrets to success” when it comes to hockey training. The true “secrets,” though, are a lot less mysterious than you might think. In fact, they’re pretty simple; it’s following them that’s the hard part.   

Stick to a Doable Meal Plan
First things first, no matter what you may have heard, following a nutritious meal plan is important during the training season. You need to provide the body with the fuel it requires to train and perform optimally.

The key is to find a meal plan that the athlete can actually stick to and that works around his or her daily routine. Obviously, then, the meal plan will look different from person to person.

Working in a few sit-down meal times, as well as pre-performance and post-performance snacks and then sticking to the set schedule will do wonders for any training plan. Meal prepping can help as well, particularly for those who have busy schedules.

Have a Workout Schedule
Just as a good meal plan is necessary for success, so is a good workout plan.
Go ahead and plan out workouts- practices and games count too- for the week. That way, you’ll know what needs to get done each day. Once you have a plan, completing it is a whole lot easier than it would be if you were just “winging it.”

Plus, when you plan your workouts ahead of time, incorporating games and more into the schedule, you can ensure that each part of the body is getting the exercise it needs to perform at its best.

Take Breaks
This final “success secret” might surprise you, but here it is: don’t be afraid to take breaks.
Meal plans and workout plans are great. And, you should follow them to the best of your ability. However, don’t be so rigid with them that you miss out on life and burn out. That’s an easy way to go off your training plan long-term, which won’t do you any favors.

So, don’t be afraid to go off your eating plan to have cake at a friend’s party or to enjoy pizza with your pals. Likewise, it’s okay to skip exercise here and there if you’re not feeling well or are still really sore from your last session.

Listen to your body and give it a rest when it needs one.

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