Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to Help Your Young Athlete be a Positive Role Model

In today’s world, many people wonder whether or not athletes should really be forced into being “role models.” The truth is, though, that when kids play sports, even young kids, others are going to look up to them, which means it’s important for athletes to set a good example for others.  

Plus, is it really so bad to be a role model? Though kids may feel a little pressure when they’re cast as role models, it’s a good kind of pressure. It’s the kind of pressure that can help them to aim higher and be better all around, which is really what sports is all about.

So, if you feel comfortable with the idea of your young hockey player being a role model, have a talk with him or her about the importance of setting a good example. You may even want to share a few of these helpful tips with your child.

Have High Expectations

First things first, talk to your child about the the importance of having high expectations for him or herself. You can stress that high expectations do not and should not equal “perfection” and that there’s no such thing as a perfect person.

Explain to your child that, while he doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, he should demand the very best from himself in terms of behavior, attitude, and treatment of others. When you teach your child to have and meet his or her own high expectations, you’ll be creating a natural role model and a natural leader too.

Have the Right Friends

You should also explain to your child that the people he surrounds himself with will go a long way in determining whether or not he will be a good role model.

Tell your child to associate only with those who are positive, who share the same values, and who also care about setting a good example and being good role models. Not only will this advice help your child to be someone others can look up to, but it will help keep him out of trouble as well!

Value Respect

Finally, teach your child the importance of respect. This includes respect for himself, respect for teammates, respect for coaches and other game officials, and respect for all adults and all people in general.

Respect is perhaps the most important quality a role model can have, and it’s a wonderful thing to teach your child.

If you can follow the advice given above and help your child understand the responsibilities of being a young athlete, then you should help him or her to become a great role model and a great person all around.

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