Monday, July 2, 2018

Tips for Being More Powerful on the Ice

The ability to be “powerful” when on the ice is important. A powerful hockey player is stronger and more in control on the ice, as well as more explosive. Powerful hockey players also have more power and aim behind every shot. If you want this for the youth hockey player in your life, don’t worry. With some practice and mindfulness, more power on the ice can easily be achieved.  

Focus on the Legs

To begin with, one reason that players often don’t have enough power on the ice is because they’re not fully using their legs.

When players skate, shoot, or do anything else, they need to use their legs. The strong muscles there can add power to every movement when used effectively.

Players should use their knees to push off on their legs when shooting and skating. Their legs should literally spring them forward as they move. By crafting strong leg muscles through exercise and then remembering to use those muscles on the ice, more power is definitely possible.

Get Those Arms Moving

The legs aren’t the only things that need to be active and engaged on the ice. Arms are also extremely important for power, believe it or not. The arms should swing, heavily and controlled, forward and backward, based on the direction in which the skater is moving.

By remembering to move the arms, players get more power and momentum as they move. It’s actually impressive what a big power-difference this simple tip can make.

Practice Makes Perfect

While knowing these tips for more on-the-ice power is great, don’t expect these skills to develop overnight.

Being a powerful player takes practice and time in the gym gaining strength. After all, one can’t have power without strength behind it. So, encourage players to practice powerful skating and powerful, intentional movement every time they’re on the ice. Also, focus on strength training. When these things become second nature, power will too.

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