Friday, July 6, 2018

Why Consistency is Key for Young Hockey Players

Being a good hockey player is about a lot more than just building on-the-ice skills. A truly good hockey players makes athleticism a lifestyle. Real hockey players don’t just go to games and practices. Sure, they do those things, but they also are committed to other things, like healthy diet and regular exercise, that make them better athletes all around.   

Of course, all of this might seem like a lot to ask of youth players. They are, after all, just kids. As a parent or a coach, however, you can teach kids the power of consistency. In the process, you’ll instill the skills needed to make them true athletes.

While consistency is key in really every aspect of a child’s life, here are some good areas in which to exercise consistency:

l  Eat healthily each day. A “treat” here and there is fine, but diet should be healthy and nutritious every day.
l  Exercise daily. For kids, this doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym every day, but committing to some kind of daily physical activity is a good way to establish a consistent fitness routine
l  Attend every game and practice unless there is an emergency, illness, or something else that truly can’t be helped. Never miss an event just because your child “didn’t feel like it” or “was having a bad day.”

It may be hard to be consistent at first, but, with time, it will become second nature. In fact, after awhile, good habits will be so ingrained your child won’t even have to think about them. Instead, he’ll just do them. In that way, consistency teaches good habits, and it turns good habits into a good lifestyle, one that is conducive to being a lifelong athlete.

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