Monday, August 12, 2019

What are You Really Paying for when You Pay for Hockey

It’s no secret that youth hockey is a very expensive sport. Any hockey parent can tell you that. And, while you may have to pay for coaching, equipment, and uniforms, that’s not really what you’re
paying for when you fork over money. Instead, what you’re actually paying for is something much more valuable.

You’re Paying for Perseverance

When you pay for hockey, you’re paying to teach your child perseverance. Every hockey mom or dad has seen their child look tired and defeated after trying to learn a new move or losing a game. But, then, the most amazing thing happens. The child gets out there, tries again, and eventually accomplishes a goal that once seemed impossible. The child learns perseverance thanks to your support and your wallet. Who could put a price on that?

You’re Paying for Teamwork

Something else kids learn, thanks to your hockey dollars, is the power of teamwork. Your child is learning to work with others out on that sheet of ice. He’s forming friendships that have the potential to be lifelong and learning about people and how they work. Your child is becoming a better person, one who can work with a diverse range of people, and it’s all because of you.

You’re Paying for Lifelong Skills

You pay for your child to learn from a coach. And, if the coach is good, your child will learn not just about the sport of hockey but also about life. He’ll learn to move on from losses, to work hard, to find joy in the little things, and to be a responsible, hardworking person. All of these things are skills that will carry your child throughout life.

So, yes, hockey is expensive. But, when you think about all that your child gains from it, isn’t it worth the cost and then some?

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