Monday, November 4, 2019

The Role of Data in the Recruitment Process

Many young athletes hope to one day earn an athletic scholarship. However, these scholarships can be hard to come by.

When at athlete is lucky enough to score a scholarship, however, he’ll enjoy reduced tuition or even free tuition in some cases, having medical expenses reduced or even covered, and an increased opportunity of one day going pro.

As mentioned, though, scholarships are hard to get, with only around 2% of high school athletes ending up with one. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help the athlete in your life stand out, and a lot of your efforts hinge on data.

Data: The Proof is in the Numbers

A big reason that proven data helps an athlete stand out is because numbers are always accurate and give a recruiter a clearer profile ofan athlete and his abilities. So, while it’s still important to list highlights and overall achievements, data is rapidly become one of the most impressive and accurate features looked at by college recruiters.   

How to Make Your Data Stand Out

Because data has become so important to recruiters in recent years, you must work to make your athlete’s data stand out.   

For starters, be sure you’re tracking it via the most reliable source possible. Try and use a data management software or program that is popular and commonly used among high school athletes, while also being reputable.

For best results, try and have your athlete’s data tracked for as long as possible. The earlier they start tracking and the more progress they show, the more appealing they look to recruiters.

While data might not be the only thing that recruiters care about these days, it is a major thing. So, follow these tips to help your athlete have a higher chance of securing a sports scholarship.

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