Friday, September 15, 2017

The Power of Self Reflection

Alain Vigneault, head coach of the Vancouver C...
When the hockey season ends, whether you’re a coach or a player, you might think it’s time to simply relax and sit back. And, while relaxation is definitely important, it shouldn’t be your only focus when the season ends. In fact, your “off time” is the perfect time to do a little reflection and self examination.   

For young players, hockey coaches should end the season by giving out evaluations for each player. These evaluations should let players know how they can improve in the coming season. However, players are not the only ones who need evaluating and guidance during the off-season. Coaches can also benefit greatly from doing a little self-evaluation.

Coaches should take the time to look over their performance and actions during the season. They should ask themselves what they did well- what worked and was effective for their players and how they can improve on these things even more in the coming season. They should also focus on where they faltered in some way and on how they could stand to do things better and how they can create positive change.

Some helpful questions that coaches can honestly ask themselves include:

l  Did my players improve? If so, what did I do to promote that? What can I do to help them improve even more? If not, how can I be a more effective coach?
l  Did I improve as a coach?
l  Did I manage the team well? What can I do better?
l  Did I handle scheduling well?
l  What are some situations I could have handled differently and how?

Thinking constructively and focusing on actions and behaviors, not on wins and losses, can be extremely helpful when it comes to becoming a better coach. Remember to treat yourself as you would your players- with compassion, understanding, and an attitude of growth and positivity.

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