Monday, July 15, 2019

What Do Hockey Parents Sacrifice?

Whether you’re a new “hockey parent” or just considering becoming one, you should know that it’s not all fun and cheering at games. Being a hockey parent is hard work and requires a great deal of sacrifice from both you and your child. This is especially true if your child is particularly gifted at hockey and wants to go “all the way.” While you shouldn’t be discouraged from allowing your child to participate in the sport, you should be aware of and prepared for the sacrifices that will be required of you.   


First of all, having a child who is active in hockey does require some level of financial investment. In fact, many parents are shocked at how much the sport can end up costing. But, all those fees, like registration fees, game fees, and equipment, can really add up. What’s more is that you end up paying for most of those things at least once a year.

You don’t necessarily have to be rich for your child to play hockey, but you do need to save and be prepared for the financial realities that go along with the sport.


It’s not just money you have to invest. You must also prepare to invest your time…and lots of it. You’ll have to drive your child to practices each week. You may also need to take your budding hockey star to private lessons on the side. Then, there are special camps and clinics and out of town games. You can expect to spend several hours a week, if not more, committed to your child’s involvement in hockey.

As you can see, hockey demands a lot of young players and their parents. The key is to decide if it’s truly worth it to you and your child. If your child really loves the sport, however, and is gifted at it, no sacrifice should be too great.

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